How to get started painting


We are going to dive into all the juicy details but first I would like to say, this is my very first blog post!! Like I always say, JUST GET STARTED! So that’s what I am doing here. Writing my first blog post. So exciting right? Let me start by introducing myself and what these blog posts are going to be all about.

My name is Christal Anger and I started Artistic Chris over 2 years ago. I was happily painting along with everyone at in home paint parties when covid hit. I had to move quick and shift my business to all online. That is when I started hosting online paint parties. Teaching woman to gain confidence through art is what it is all about. Being present over perfect we leave all the pressure behind and focus on having fun!

In my blog you will find painting tutorials that are great for all levels, painting tips and tricks to help you along the way, things that I am loving, and so much more.

If you are new at painting, you are probably wondering, where the heck do I start? Let’s dive right into a few simple things you can do to just get started!

  1. Go out and have fun shopping for art supplies.

What is a good amount of supplies to start with? What I most commonly use in my tutorials, you can get anywhere and it wont empty your wallet. Here’s where to start:

  1. Take some deep breaths in and know that your first attempts are not going to be perfect. I’ll give you a hint. I have been painting for over 12 years and mine still aren’t!
  2. Be PRESENT over PERFECT! This means throw perfection out the door. Just start painting and you will see improvements as you go.
  3. Practice, practice and then when your done practicing, do it some more!
  4. Find a few artists that resonate with you, that show step by step easy to follow tutorials. Hint Hint, That’s me! Find some free ones here:
  5. Imitate! Find some art you like and practice copying it. Don’t sell it and get in trouble but just practice at home by using other people’s art as a reference. Eventually it will come more natural and you won’t need a reference as much.
  6. Find people who share your passion. Nothing gets you motivated and in the mood to reach a goal more then like minded individuals. Find your people and share ideas and create together, online or in person.

I am going to wrap up my first blog post here. I hope you found the motivation you need to get started! Follow my facebook page for future tutorials and inspiring ideas RIGHT HERE!


If you are still looking for more guidence and want a close knit community of confident and creative artists, join us over at the CONFIDENT CREATIVES CIRCLE membership.

Always remember, you don’t have to get it perfect, you just need to get started!