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Meet Artistic Chris!

I wanted to take a short minute and introduce myself. I’m Christal and I started Artistic Chris with the intention of helping people become more confident in their art! Over 10 years ago I picked up a brush and started painting. I was terrible and no I wasn’t being hard on myself. I actually had no idea what I was doing. One thing I did know was that I loved painting. I loved how relaxed I felt and how it gave me the ability to just be. I practiced and practiced and over the ten years plus, I got better and better gaining confidence with each stroke of my brush. I knew immediately that I wanted to be able to help people increase their art skills and gain confidence through their art. I wanted to show other creatives the importance of being present over perfect and implementing a painting routine into their lives. Art offers the ability to do all of this and that is what I teach whole heartedly.


Kind words from past participants

“I get compliments on my painting all the time!”
I constantly doubt my creativity and thought this wouldn’t turn out very good for me, but your instructions were great! You went at a perfect pace. This really made me feel so much better about my work. I even have a paint night scheduled with my family to do one of your other paintings together and I can’t wait!”

Sonya Bargo

“Painting with you gave me such a confidence boost!”
I’ve been painting multiple times a week with a local business fr about 4 years, but this painting gave me such a confidence boost that all my paintings since have improved tremendously. I have loved every painting I’ve done with you!”

Janet Tehee

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