School’s ALMOST out for the summer!!

As I sit back and think about all the painting blogs I could write, one thing needs to be addressed. THIS PAST SCHOOL YEAR. How did we get here? Am I dreaming that its almost over?? I remember when they first told us that school was going to be online. I thought how in the heck am I going to do all the things?? Running an online business and juggling school with two young children plus home responsibilities has been brutal. We are not going to sugar coat this lol.

Some of us had to sacrifice our jobs to make sure our kids were getting what they needed and the pressure alone was mind blowing. How do I support my kids financially, mentally and emotionally? How do we do so many jobs at once? We have had parents working from home, me included, and literally running back and forth between kids and work and lunches and phone calls. Just remembering which kids break is when and who needs to be on in which meeting deserves an award!

The day to day printing of papers and helping them complete assignments, hearing mom every time I got a good thought process going for work, technology failing every two days, the pressure of our kids falling behind and thinking of how we just are not doing enough to help. The pure guilt of not knowing how this will effect our kids as they grow. Kids fell behind this year, it happened. All this all day for a year and a half. Ugh. It lays heavy. Let’s take a moment and just take one solid deep breath in, right now. Seriously. Relax our shoulders, unclench your jaw and just take it all in.

We lost a lot of patience, time, self-care, and hope but let’s start focusing on what we gained.

We need to.

How about the Appreciation for every fricken good thing imaginable. Life, health, more time with our kids, the importance of selfcare, the feeling of a hug, human connection, going places, nature walks, that first time we get to breath without a mask on our faces and over our hearts. The fact that we did it!! Parents we made it through!!

We need to pat ourselves on the back and let go of anything that didn’t go as planned. We need to recognize our small wins this year and release the guilt of anything that was out of our control.

Everyday we didn’t know if we could do it and yet we did it. Looking forward we know we are stronger and wiser and that we can do hard things. We don’t suck as parents, we rock! because we were put in an unimaginably tough and unpredictable situation and we came out of it stronger.

We will never forget the struggle but we now have a new found awareness to what we can do. Next time a big struggle comes up in our lives, we are going to look back on year 2020/2021 and remember the hard things we did. We are going to be able to apply the old struggles and solutions to our new situations and we are going to blow through them. We have gained that ground to stand on and we should stand tall and proud.

    “Strength doesn’t come from what you can do. It comes from overcoming the things you once thought you couldn’t.”

    – Nikki Rogers