I offer easy, step-by-step, virtual painting tutorials! Whether this is the very first time you’ve picked up a paint brush, or if you’re a seasoned painter, you’re welcome here!



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Kind words from past participants

Tracie Anne Read

I enjoy painting with your easy step by step instructions. And I think the painting is not going so well, but then magic happens by the end. And the end painting comes out not so bad. Thanks, I have learned a lot from you this past year.

Linda Alton

I enjoy painting with you Chris because you guide us along the way, pause to let us catch up, take questions as needed, you are light and bubbly and the class is just fun. Plus you post your video so we can go back and watch it if we didn't finish. It just doesn't get any better than that.

Stacy Light

I love how easy you make painting! Explaining every step of the way! Your ideas are amazing, and your attitude and personality even better! I live by our be in the moment mantra, “present over perfect”  I am so much more confident then when I started! I’m proud of myself! Thank you for showing me I have talent that I never knew existed!


Mary Answine Pacelli

I find your instructions easy to follow and am able to paint something I’m not embarrassed to let others see. Which is something I never thought possible.

Jennifer Hobbs

We loved painting with you this year. The kids had a blast. Your tutorials are easy to follow step by step. My kids that are 4, 4 and 6 could easily follow along! Thank you for the fun and teaching us how to paint. 


Renee Andrews

I loved the way she did her online painting. I had no experience … and she gave me back the love of art. I was amazed that I could paint it. I have followed her since and joined CCC

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